Also, ride up to Sea Cliff to see the most spectacular views in SF...Ride Golden Gate Park , Ocean Beach and Sea Cliff in the same time that a guided tour shows you only the eastern half of the park. 2.5hrs.$70 with free lesson

Free Lessons


We do not charge you time and money for your lesson, your time starts when you are ready to roll out the door ... The Lesson is Free!
Don't spend 45min. of your riding time and money on a lesson from a guided tour.

* Ride 5 blocks North to Sea cliff and view GGbridge then over to Marina and Fisherman's Wharf... go to your hotel if u like.

    Open Everyday​

All Holidays & Wknds

     10am -6pm

 earlier and later times

 can be arranged if needed

* Ride all thru GGpark/panhandle East to Alamo Sq.(painted ladies/famous postcard/peaked houses) and back thru Haight/Ashbury dist.

* Ride from your Hotel thru Fisherman's Wharf to GGbridge and back.



Do a self-guided tour with your own group.
Golden Gate Park is easy to navigate.
If you can walk through the park or ride a bike thru the park , then you can easily
segway all over golden park and it is much more fun!

   Segway right up to most major points of                    interest in San Francisco     

Don't get " Taken" for a Ride...​ "Ride Freely"

Ride 2 to 3 times farther than any Restricted

Guided Tours can go... See it All !


2949 Balboa st at 31st AVE

Segways Tours

ARE much more fun!


Beware of Touristy Guided Tours that charge you a lot $ and show you a little... Why do a guided tour that only shows you less than half of Golden Gate Park.  You can easily canvass the entire park on a segway in 2hrs. $60 and its all

riding time as we don't charge you time and $ for the lesson

SEGWAY RENTALs since Jan. 2008
Open All Holidays

Get a True Segway Riding Experience !
You can Ride Far and Freely all over SF...


Suggested Fun Routes: 2-2.5hrs.

See all Pts. of Interest in Golden Gate Park !

LOCKS are Provided

Yes, you can lock them up and go

inside places

Maps are provided


and also posted throughout this easy to navigate park... or use Google Maps on your smart phone.
See the whole 1000 acres. plus see Ocean Beach, Cliff House and Sea Cliff for Less
 ($55 - $65) 2 - 2.5hrs.

2949 Balboa st.

at 31st ave.

Free and Easy

Neighborhood Parking

Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals

Rent and Ride on your Own... It's Easy, Maps are Provided

* Ride from our shop to your Hotel and keep them overnight... Ride back or have them picked up

Conservatory of Flowers, Museum Circle, Stow Lake, Horses, Bison, Windmills and all the cool lakes, ponds and waterfalls in between. See Ocean Beach and the Spectacular Views ... then go North to Sea Cliff and view the Marin Headlalnds and see the GG Bridge

The most Amazing Views in the City!
Stop by the Beach Chalet Visitor Center and see one of the Famous Murals of SF and the Land's End Visitor Center and learn some history of this area and also the Cliff House gift shop.

Segway right up to most major pts. of interest in San Francisco!

(415) 716-9910

Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals
2949 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA.

* Ride all thru GGpark to Ocean Beach then North to Sea Cliff and Legion of Honor Overlook Trail for the most Spectacular Views of Golden Gate Bridge


On Your Own

Contact Information

Please let us know how many segways you need , the date and an approx. time a.m. or pm.    Thanks!


1.5    hrs. /  $50

2       hrs. /   $60

2.5    hrs. /  $70

3       hrs.  /  $75

1/2   day   /  $85 (4hrs)

1      day  / $100(8hrs) $150(24hrs)

2      days /  $225

3      days /  $275

4           days      /   $300

5           days      /   $325

​6           days      /   $350

1     week /  $375