Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals

Rent and Ride on your Own... It's Easy, Maps are Provided

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Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals
2949 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA.



Q: Where can i ride in San Francisco?

A: You can ride right up to most all major points of interest

     in SF

Q: Is the Lesson really free

A: YES, its all riding time, time starts after the lesson when all

     are ready to roll. Other companies will charge you 30-45min

     for the, you can subtract that from your tour time.

Q:  Can segways be locked up , so we can go inside places?

​A:   Yes, Locks are provided.

​Q: What is the age range and the weight limits ?

​A:  Many Parents have rented segways for young people.

​     The Segway can be set on Turtle speed

​     for them.   The high end of weight limit is 280 lbs

​Q: What should I wear ?

​A: Wear protective clothing: Long Pants and Sleeves, a good

​     shoe (no sandals/heels), Always bring a jacket in SF.

​    We provide Helmets and Gloves, but OK to bring your own

​    if you prefer.