Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals

Rent and Ride on your Own... It's Easy, Maps are Provided



Q: Where can i ride in San Francisco?

A: You can ride right up to most all major points of interest

     in SF. 

Q:  Why does the guided segway tour only ride 

      the eastern half of golden gate park and only 

      show less than 500 acres of a 1000 acre park?

A:   Too busy milking you for time and money so

       they can get a minimal amount of usage on their 

       segways...You might use 2 bars of energy with them

       because of the 40min. lesson time and the lack of 

       actual riding time... 

Q: Why Aren't Guided Segway Tours in SF, CA really 2.5hrs.?

A:  Because after your 40min. lesson, by the time you get rolling      45min. have passed and the actual tour time is only 1hr.45min.

     Then only half of that time is spent riding segways , the other       half is spent stopping and listening to a narrative. So really ,         only about an hour of segway riding with them. You can easily       get more info off your cell by searching google or wikipedia           than what guided tours tell you. Can also navigate easily by         using google maps or asking siri on your phone take you to a         location.

Q: Is the Lesson really free

A: YES, its all riding time, time starts after the lesson when all

     are ready to roll. Other companies will charge you 30-45min

     for the lesson...so, you can subtract that from your tour time.

     With us it is ALL riding time...

Q:  Can segways be locked up , so we can go inside places?

A:   Yes, Locks are provided.

Q: What is the age range and the weight limits ?

A:  Many Parents have rented segways for young people.

     The Segway can be set on Turtle speed

    for them.   The high end of weight limit is 280 lbs

Q: What should I wear ?

A: Wear protective clothing: Long Pants and Sleeves, a good

     shoe (no sandals/heels), Always bring a jacket in SF.

    We provide Helmets and Gloves, but OK to bring your own

    if you prefer.