Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals

Rent and Ride on your Own... It's Easy, Maps are Provided



Segway near golden gate park

 2.5hr $75 Guided tours in San Francisco will get you about 1hr. of segway riding time after the 45min. lesson and with all the stopping and talking and milking you for time. With us the lesson is free...So a 2hr. $60 rental is 2x more riding time than any guided tour.

On a Segway Rental you can easily canvass the entire golden gate park in 2hrs. and comfortably see all points of interest.   

Most people get the Segway in less than a minute after stepping on it.

Click on my Facebook page and see the video of the two children riding the Segway to see how simple it really is...

Of course you need to ride conservative and safe and don't let your wheels hit anything like each other and don't tailgate.

   On a rental you can ride right up to most major points of interest in San Francisco. You can go anywhere you like and stop for photos , lunch, etc. anywhere or anytime you like.  Most people use Google maps on their smart phones and we provide maps, but it is very easy to navigate even with out maps. Also, use your smart phones if you want info on any points of interest. See Golden Gate Bridge only 5 blocks north of the shop.

Ride all through Golden Gate Park and North to Sea Cliff to view the Golden Gate Bridge easily in 2 - 2.5hrs.

Set up your own time to your own schedule with a Segway Rental. Ride Freely... Anywhere you like.